10 Bad Driving Habits You Should Stop Right Now

10 Bad Driving Habits You Should Stop Right Now

Passing a driving test comes with a lot of excitement. This excitement is perhaps close to the level of excitement people have when they get a new car. After passing your driving test, you are free from the restrictions placed on you by your instructor. Due to this, there is usually a tendency to misbehave and people pick up bad habits.

Although there are lots of bad habits, some are considered more serious and irritating than others. Contained in this article are 10 bad driving habits you should stop right now.


Tailgating might make you seem like a smart driver. It, however, is one habit that is both dangerous and intimidating. If you make tailgating a habit, you will be putting yourself, as well as other road users at risk.

The Failure to Indicate

Humans are smart. They, however, cannot read minds. When you drive, it will be wrong to assume the other road users know your next move. Cars come with indicators so you can let people know what your next move is.

Accelerating Too Quickly

Driving on a normal day is not the same as being a part of a race. You do not have to always accelerate quickly even if you are in a haste. If you always step on the gas pedal forcefully each time you see the green light, you will wear your car out and also be a danger to other road users.

Not Putting On Your Seat Belt

Putting on a seat belt might seem a little uncomfortable. This is one excuse a lot of people give for not wearing their seat belts. While a seat belt might not be the most comfortable aspect of seating in a car, it can be a lifesaver.

Putting on your seat belt can be a deciding factor if you will get out of an accident with minor injuries or a life-threatening injury.

Intimidating Other Road Users

Once in a while, when driving, you feel like you can lord it over other road users. This is even more common when you drive a big car. You might have a big vehicle. That, however, does not mean you should not consider other people on the road. The road belongs to everyone and the earlier you realize this, the better for you.

Pressing Your Phone

Pressing a phone while driving is one of the worst habits anyone on the wheel can exhibit. It shows a huge level of indiscipline and is also one that can harm both the river and other road users.

There are people that look at their phones briefly while driving and do not necessarily press it. You might have an excuse for doing this. You, however, should not take your eyes off the road under any circumstance.

Making Use of Your Headlamp Wrongly

Your headlamp plays the role of helping you see the road better in the dark. It should not be used as a tool for dazzling other road users. To use your headlamp properly, you will need to learn to alternate between dipped headlights and full beam.

Braking Suddenly

Your brakes were designed to keep your car from moving after you must have slowed down. They were not designed to bring your car to a sudden stop. While there are situations in which you have to stop suddenly, the best way to make use of your brake is to reduce your speed considerably before going ahead to step on the brake pedal.

Sticking to the Middle Lane

The middle lane might seem like the most comfortable lane to drive. It, however, is not a lane you should spend so much time on. It is a lane for overtaking. Once you overtake a slow vehicle at your front. You should go back to the left lane.

Honking Aggressively

The basic purpose of the car horn is to get other road users to be more alert on the road. It is not a tool for constituting noise pollution. While there are times you feel disgusted by the activities of other road users, you simply need to press the horn slightly and not push it forcefully.

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