10 Signs You Know You Need To Replace Your Car

10 Signs You Know You Need To Replace Your Car

Cars these days are reliable and trustworthy, built to last seemingly forever. However, there comes a time when you have to change your car, simply because age has caught up with it. It can be hard to change your car, the memories created over the thousands of miles together cant be easily replaced. That being said, there is a nagging feeling within you that it might be time to retire your jalopy. To help you make the decision much clearer here are 10 signs that show you have to replace your car.

Repairs Cost More Than What The Car Is Worth

Most people avoid changing their cars because they are trying to save costs, but this approach could actually harm you in the future. For example, if your car happens to require a major fix, it is best to check just how much your car costs before embarking on that fix.  If you don’t you could actually spend thousands fixing your car, when really it would be much wiser to replace your car.

The Check Engine Sign Never Goes Away

If your dashboard is always lit up by the check engine sign, it could signify that there might be a series of issues with your car. warning lights and signs should never be taken for granted. If for some reasons your warning lights come up every time you round a bend or hit a bump, then you need to replace your car.

You Spend Too Much On Petrol

One of the most common signs of a car that needs to be replaced is poor fuel economy. Car manufacturers consistently produce vehicles that are extremely fuel-efficient over previous iterations. Older cars are known to be gas guzzlers.

Your Odometer Looks Like A Phone Number

If you happen to have more than 100,000 miles and there is nothing wrong with your car, then that means you have taken extraordinary care of it. However, cases like these are usually in the minority, as cars tend to breakdown and require more elaborate fixes as they age and rack up miles.

Your Vehicle Seems To Be Falling To Bits

You might see it as a badge of honour, but it is definitely time to replace your car when you have bits of the wheel arch falling every time you hit a bump. Rust on your car can destroy its integrity. There are only so many preventive measures and fixes you can use on your car till you have to get it replaced.


The Car’s Interior Is Either Too Hot Or Too Cold

It might be time to replace your car if you are unable to get the climate control working as it did when you first got the car. When you have to wrap up just to use the car during the winter, and there seems to be no fix to the problem, then it is time to replace your car.

No Cool Factor Whatsoever

While you might not care about this, but your family, especially any children you have might. No child wants to be seen dead with their parents, but if your child would rather walk in a snowstorm than get a lift from you, then it is time to replace your jalopy.

The Car Has Barely Any Safety Features

Cars manufactured today typically have more safety features when compared to older ones. Thanks to technology, more safety features are becoming standard in these new vehicles. As the years go by, the safety features that came with your car will become obsolete. If this is the case then you have to replace your car.

It’s Not Best In Show

There have been numerous cars manufactured that really should have never seen the light of day. These cars could be unreliable, have design flaws and just plain ugly. You should definitely replace your car if it falls under one of these reasons.

Your Car Is More Duct Tape Than Car

If it appears that the only thing keeping your car in one piece is duct tape, then it is definitely time to change your car. It might seem to you like a non-issue, however, duct tape simply lacks the integral strength to do the job of holding your car together.

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