10 Things No One Tells You about Learning to Drive

10 Things No One Tells You about Learning to Drive

Becoming a qualified driver and sitting behind the wheel unsupervised is one activity a lot of people look forward to. While driving might seem easy, the process involved in learning to drive might not be so easy. There are things no one will tell you about driving and you just have to find out by yourself.

As your partner in driving lesson we are here to expose you to those things, below are things no one tells you about learning to drive.

You Do Not Become Perfect at Driving After Passing your Test

A lot of people assume that they are now perfect drivers after passing their driving test. Contrary to what a lot of people think, passing your driving tests only means you are qualified to drive without supervision. It does not imply that you have perfected the art of driving.

You Might Take a Test Severally Without Passing

While a lot of people assume that you have to pass your driving test the first time you attempt it that is not always the case. There are several factors that are responsible for a driver passing their driving test the first time they attempt it. There are times these factors work in your favour. Other times they do not. When this happens, you will end up failing a test and will have to take it again.

If you take a driving test without passing it on your first attempt, you do not need to get worried. You just need to learn from your mistakes.

Insurance is needed

Before you begin driving a car in the UK, you will need to get insured. You do not have to worry about the steps involved in getting insured in the UK if your instructor is DVSA –approved as they will carry out the entire process and include the amount involved in your fees.

On the other hand, if you do not learn to drive with a DVSA-approved instructor, you will need to go through the process by yourself.

You Can’t Depend on Lessons Alone

When learning to drive, you will get lots of key instructions during your lessons if you learn from a driving instructor that is qualified. While this might seem like a lot, it should not take the place of constant practicing.

Professional lessons will help you know what to do but constant practicing will help you get used to driving properly.

Other Drivers Might not be So Understanding

The average newbie to driving assumes that other drivers on the road will treat them with caution because they have the “L” tag on their car. Contrary to this, other drivers are not so patient with learners. You, therefore, have to get ready for their impatience while hitting the road.

Driving is Not Always Fun

When learning to drive or expecting your first car, you might be excited to get behind the wheels. However, after driving for a fairly long while, you might no longer find driving to be fun.

You Might Struggle with Your Driving Lessons as You Age

Although it is not a hard and fast rule, the earlier you learn to drive, the better for you. There is always a likelihood of people learning to be good drivers when they are still very young.

It is Vital You Learn to Drive in Your Neighborhood

Learning to drive in your neighborhood is more vital that a lot of people assume. The truth remains, your neighborhood is the part of town you will spend the most time driving in. You should, therefore, master the traffic gimmicks in this area.

You Might Spend More Time than You Expect

Not everyone learns at the same level. This means when driving, you might spend more time than you anticipated. This is one reason you should not compare yourself to others. They just might be gifted.

Practical Tests are not More Important than Theory Tests

Theory tests are not a peripheral part of learning to drive. They should be treated with as much seriousness as practical tests as your life might depend on them.

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