5 Reasons Driving Test Pass Rates are higher at Some Centers

Why Driving Test Pass Rates are higher at Some Centers

After a series of driving lessons, people take a driving test. Some people are able to pass this test on their first attempt. Some, however, will need to take it several other times before passing. There are various factors responsible for people not passing their driving test the first time. One of these factors is the driving test center where they take their test.

With different driving test centers come different passing rates. This has made lots of people wonder why the driving test pass rate is different with different test centers even when the same set of people take driving tests.

Below are 5 reasons driving test pass rates are higher at some centers


With various locations come various driving challenges. While the challenges that people taking their driving tests in different locations have to face differ based on the location. Certain locations are known to come with greater challenges.

All things being equal, when you take your driving test in a driving test center that is located in a busy city or in the busiest part of town, the challenges you face will be different from the challenges you will face when you take your driving test in a center that is located in a rural area or in a part of town that is not so busy.

Due to the difference in these challenges, driving test pass rates will be very different in these various driving test centers.

The Route a Test Centre Sticks to

When two test centers are located in the same city or even in the same part of town, they may not necessarily make use of the same route in carrying out their tests. Various driving test centers have routes that are unique to them.

Some driving test centers make use of routes that can be considered quite easy to handle. Others, however, make use of routes that are very difficult to handle. Due to this, when a newbie to driving takes a driving test at a driving test center that makes use of routes that are complex, their chances of passing will be slimmer than the chance of passing when they take their tests on routes that are not complex.

The Difficulty of the Routes around the Driving Test Center

More often than not, when a driving test center is conducting a driving test, the routes it makes use of are usually situated close to it. The implication of this is if there are lots of difficult routes around a driving test centre, there is a huge likelihood that the duration of the driving test will be filled with difficult decision making moments and this will make it more difficult for people to pass their driving tests.

The Roads around Some Driving Centers are Busier

With Busier roads come a tendency to make more mistakes. While it is normal for a driving test center in the city to have busier roads, this is not always the norm. There are situations in which driving test centers in rural areas deal with just as much traffic as driving test centers in urban areas.

Although it is expected that driving tests will be passed very easily in rural areas, this is not always the case. If a rural area is a major tourist destination, then taking a driving test might not be the easiest of tasks in this area. This is due to the fact that you will have to deal with people snapping pictures in the middle of the road, as well as drivers that do not reside in the city and are not sure of where they are headed.

The Distance between the Driving Test Center and the Closest Residential Area

When a driving test center is located around a residential area, it is easy for people taking a test to know exactly what they are getting into and prepare adequately. However, if the driving test center is far from a residential area. Potential drivers might not know much about the route used in examination and might end up not preparing adequately.

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