5 Ways to Speed Up Learning to Drive

5 Ways to Speed Up Learning to Drive in UK

Learning to drive is definitely one of the highlights of one’s life. The freedom, the independence and the sense of accomplishment that one has once you have your license. That being said, it can be quite a frustrating process, especially when things aren’t going your way. With so many rules to memorise, every learner will soon discover that is a lot more to driving than pressing the accelerator and changing gears, so every little bit helps. So here are 5 ways to speed up learning to drive.

You should look to apply for a provisional licence as quickly as possible

Before calling yourself a learner, you have to have a provisional license. So, this should be one of the first things you have to do. You could do this by either going online or heading over to the post office near you to fill out an application. If you are under 18, you are able to apply for a provisional license two months before you are 17.

Remain organised and book your tests early

When learning how to drive, you should always think of the long-term. The driving test actually comprises of two parts (the theory and the practical). You need to add these practices to your lesson. Before you are able to book your practical test, you have to first pass your theory tests. A great tip that every learner should head to, is to ensure the theory test is taken as seriously as possible. Slipping up in this section could actually slow down the entire driving process. Make use of revision tools.

Take up an intensive driving course

If you want to learn how to drive quicker, you could add more hours your regular hourly sessions or you could take an intensive driving course. An intensive driving course is recommended as the most efficient and quick way to get your driving license. This is a much better option than having one-hour lessons which span a couple of months. With an intensive driving course, you are able to pack at least 3-hour lesson sessions

+ into a couple of weeks. Doing this ensures you are ready for your test in a shorter time.

Ensure that you are ready for the test before you take it

This is an important tip that you have to bear in mind before doing anything. It does not matter how eager you are to take the test and finally get your license. You shouldn’t take the test if you are not ready for it. This tip might seem to be counterintuitive to your goal of speeding up your learning to drive process, however, the way to quickly become a qualified driver is to remain realistic, hardworking and organised. When you rush through the learning process, booking tests as soon as the dates are available you are more likely to not put your best foot forward. This behaviour could actually slow down your entire learning process.  The practical and theory tests should never be taken lightly.

To ensure that you do not get ahead of yourself, you have to ensure that you take a sufficient number of lessons mastering every aspect of driving. You should also consult with your instructor before you set your test date.

Supplement your normal lessons with practice lessons

Supplementing your lessons with extra practice can be a great way to speed up learning to drive. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, consequently the more times you’re able to practice on the road in real-life situations, working on your driving skills, the better and more prepared you will be for your test.

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