A Look at Driving Test in the UK

A Look at Driving Test in the UK

Do you reside in the UK? Are you looking to take a driving test in the UK anytime soon? If yes, there are things you have to know about driving tests in the UK before going with one.

What are the Activities that Take Place during a Driving Test?

When going through a driving test in the UK, there are certain activities that you will have to take part in. These activities are all tests and they include an independent driving test, a test which involves you reversing your vehicle, a test of your total driving ability, an eyesight check, and a series of safety questions.

These tests will last a total of 40 minutes and are not peculiar to manual or automatic cars. However, if you have been given a driving ban in the past, you will need to go through an extended driving test which should last over an hour.

Eyesight Check: This is a test that serves the purpose of ascertaining how good your vision is. For your eyesight to be considered perfect, you should conveniently see a number plate of a vehicle that is 20 meters away if the vehicle makes use of the new number plate style. And if a vehicle has a number plate that makes use of the old style, you should be able to read it from a distance of 25 meters.

If you are not able to make it past your eyesight check, you will not be able to continue with your driving test.

You will Need to Deal with “Show me, tell’ Questions: This phase involves showing your examiner certain vital parts of the car and stating what propose they serve and providing answers to questions regarding the best decision to make when faced with a situation.

Your Driving Ability will be tested: This is the stage of a driving test that lots of people consider to be the main deal. It involves driving through various traffic conditions and on various roads. During this test, you will be directed by the examiner on what route to follow. Prior to taking your driving test, you will not be able to practice on the routes you will be driving on as driving routes do not get published.

You will Need to Reverse Your Vehicle: You will need to get your car parked in a parking bay. You can do this either by driving in and reversing out or reversing in and driving out.

You will Need to Pull Over: This test is one that goes a long way in showing how well you can control your car in packing situations. It involves pulling out from the back of a stationary vehicle and stopping by the side of the road.

Independent Driving: This is a test that proves how well you can drive when you are not sure of where you are headed. You will need to stick to directions from a sat nav or from traffic signs to get this done. It is up to your examiner which of the options you use.

What Happens When you make a Mistake: Mistakes occur during a driving test. When you make one, you do not need to be worried unless it is a very dangerous mistake. If you make a mistake while driving, your instructor will let you go on. This, however, will affect the outcome of your test if it is serious. But, if it is a minor mistake, your examiner will not pay it any mind.

While a serious mistake will affect the outcome of your test, your test will be over if you are becoming a threat to others on the road.

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