Male or Female Driving Instructor in the UK

Two women driving instructors

When selecting a driving instructor in the UK, there are lots of things you need to put into consideration. Some of the things you need to look out for when selecting a driving instructor are DVSA approval and the transmission they make use of. Once you find a driving instructor that teaches with a transmission you are interested in learning and is DVSA-approved, there is one more thing. You will need to make up your mind on the gender of your driving instructor.

So long being a driving instructor in the UK is concerned, male, as well as female instructors go through the same tests and have the same qualifications. This implies that you will be unable to choose a driving instructor of a particular gender because they are better qualified.

While male and female driving instructors in the UK have the same qualifications, there are certain reasons people might choose an instructor of a certain gender over one of another gender. Let’s walk through some of those reasons.

Religious and Cultural Beliefs

Religion, as well as culture,  plays a major role in the way a lot of people live their everyday life. As a result of this, certain men and women will not want to spend time alone with a member of the opposite sex. This implies that women that do not want to spend a lot of time alone with a man due to cultural and religious reasons will be better of learning under a female driving instructor. This rule also applies to men that will not want to spend so much time alone with a woman that they are not related too.


Women have an approach to life that is different from the approach to life of the average man. As a result of this, certain people will be more comfortable learning to drive with a female driving instructor while others will be more comfortable learning to drive under a male driving instructor. This is irrespective of gender and is more about what approach they are comfortable with.

This factor for selecting a driving instructor is very important. The reason for this is you will be spending several hours with your driving instructor. It is, therefore, important that you are comfortable with them.


Generally, the different genders have their character traits. Women are considered to be more nurturing and gentle while men are considered to drive better. The implication of this is people that are looking to drive in an environment that provides them with care while they learn to drive will most likely opt for female driving instructors. On the other hand, people that are interested in not just passing a driving test but becoming very skillful drivers will prefer to learn under a male driving instructor as they believe a male driving instructor are much better drivers than their female counterparts.

What Gender Should I Select When Choosing a Driving Instructor?

The choice of a driving instructor is completely in your court to decide. You should consider the above factors when choosing a driving instructor. If you are looking to become a very skillful driver and you believe men drive a lot better than women, you will be able to make a lot of progress by working with a male driving instructor. Although the male driving instructor might not be necessarily better than the female driving instructor, due to the stereotype that men drive better than women, it will be easy for you to feel a lot more comfortable learning under a man than you would feel learning to drive under a female driving instructor.

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